John Lawrie Tubulars Update

John Lawrie Tubulars Delivers Steel Piling Pipe for Montrose Port Upgrade

John Lawrie Tubulars is supporting the first phase of piling on a multi-pillion pound redevelopment project at Montrose Port.

Work is underway at the Angus harbour on a £7.7million upgrade of two quayside berths, which will enable them to accommodate larger vessels.  John Lawrie Tubulars is supplying steel casing pipe for use as piling on the project, with around 2,500m of 339mm diameter pipe being required for this initial phase of work.  The pipe is being despatched from the firm’s 15-acre pipe storage facility in Montrose which generally holds around 50,000 tonnes of tubular stock.

The piling work is being carried out by building and civil engineers Farrans and ground engineering firm Van Elle Ltd.  It involves steel casing pipe being driven into the ground to depths of 30m.  These steel piles will then help to support the foundations for the expanded quayside, which is scheduled to be fully operational in autumn 2019.

Montrose Port Steel Piling

Montrose Port Authority is expanding its berthing facilities in order to accommodate larger vessels and those involved in the growing oil and gas decommissioning sector.

John Lawrie Tubulars is one of the country’s leading suppliers of steel piling pipe for use in construction and civil engineering projects.  All of the pipe it supplies has been safely recycled from redundant North Sea oilfield wells and is processed at its Montrose pipe storage facility.  The full-service facility features a purpose-built inspection building and state-of-the-art saw line for cutting pipe to specific lengths as requested by customers.

All of the steel casing pipe being supplied for the Montrose project previously lined oil and gas wells in the North Sea and was brought ashore at Montrose Port.  Reusing steel casing pipe as piling pipe supports the concept of the circular economy, of which John Lawrie Tubulars is a strong advocate.  It is an approach whereby resources are kept in use for as long as possible and then recycled or repurposed into new products or utilised in new ways.

Steel casing ranging in diameter from 48mm to 1,200mm, and suitable for different piling and micro-piling projects, is held in stock by John Lawrie Tubulars.  In addition to operating a full-service pipe storage facility in the United Kingdom that meets the demands of customers across Europe, the firm operates similar yards in the United States.  This allows it to efficiently supply steel piling pipe to construction and civil engineering contractors in North, Central and South America.

In total, John Lawrie Tubulars generally holds around 100,000 tonnes of steel tubulars in stock across its facilities in Scotland and the United States at any one time.

Iain Laing, director of John Lawrie Tubulars, said: “As a frequent user of Montrose Port for importing and exporting steel tubulars, the company is pleased to be supporting the port’s expansion.  Montrose Port Authority has made a significant investment in upgrading the harbour’s facilities over recent years, which has been great to see.

“Steel piling pipe provides an element of added strength over concrete piles as they are much less susceptible to breaking, which gives piling contractors extra surety when driving them into the ground.  The steel casings we supply have also been designed for use in a harsh offshore environment, providing additional peace of mind.  For steel pipe that came across the quayside at Montrose Port at the end of its initial life to now be forming the foundations of the new quayside is quite unique.”