Crowns and Cutting Shoes

Crowns and Cutting Shoes Manufactured in The UK

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We manufacture various styles.

  • Crowns:
    The Crown head has 2 or 3 rows of high-grade carbide inserts brazed into the face – used primarily in heavy ground/ reinforced or large boulders.

  • Coring Shoes:
    These are manufactured with a single row of carbide – gives a more focused cutting face than a crown when encountering heavy reinforced ground or high-density concrete.

  • Sawtooth nutty crunch:
    Designed to be used in looser grounds – some obstructions that need a carbide face to help penetrate but still allows cutting through softer, easier drilled ground.

  • Sawtooth hard face or sawtooth plain:
    These are typically used in clays, gravels – Hard faced help reduce tooth wear in soft/ loose ground conditions.

  • Internal Chamf:
    For use in soft grounds or clays where little to no resistance is encountered at the shoe face when installing.

At a glance

Made in Britain
  • Large stock of fully certified and/or repurposed steel tubulars
  • Range of sizes 273 mm to 762 mm OD
  • Coded Welders
  • BS EN 1090 & RISQIS accredited
  • Surface protection (painting/galvanising)
Decarbonisation and Reuse in Construction
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