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Bespoke Fabrication Services

Bespoke Fabrication Services

We have the facilities to offer pipe fabrication services that include welding piping components into engineered piping systems and connections, all in accordance with our customers’ exact design requirements.

We can provide sawtooth lead casings – which we supply as plain, hard-faced or with nutty crunch (carbide impregnated). Large diameter casings are available with weld on ends where diameter/length exceeds our lathe capacity. Casing crown manufacture and drive head manufacture in fabrication, options are also available.

At a glance

  • Welding by certified welders
  • Customised welding equipment
  • Experienced team with standard and high strength products

Typical Fabrication Services

Endformed Pile Pipe

Endformed Pipe

John Lawrie Tubulars introduces the next generation of connection solution for extending pipe piles for driven deep piles.

End Plates for Driven Piles

End Plates

We can attach any fabricated end plates required for a driven pile project, from simple circular end plates to more elaborate reinforced end plates and restrictor plates.

Pile Shoes

Pile Shoes

Pile shoes are used to help drive through obstructions in the ground. They come in various designs and we can bespoke fabricate these.

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