We supply steel tubular products for the Geothermal industry in the UK and beyond

Steel Piling for the Geothermal Industry

Our steel tubulars can be used for casing geothermal wells which are drilled to capture the power of geothermal energy.

Following in the footsteps of wind and solar renewables, Geothermal is the next big thing in the clean energy space. Geothermal drilling is becoming more popular across the UK and Europe as we search for clean and efficient ways to meet energy demands.

We proudly supply steel tubular products for Geothermal drilling to produce clean, efficient energy to heat homes, assist in growing crops. In our continued effort to be on the forefront of sustainability, we aim to help the geothermal industry grow and encourage all to move towards a circular economy. We can supply steel tubular products for both single developments and large scale commercial projects which often can require 1000m or more of pipe.

Our repurposed steel tubulars are high grade, they save C02 emissions and are a cost effective sustainable solution – so remember you don’t need to buy brand new steel to get the best product for your project!

At a glance

  • Large stock of fully certified and/or repurposed steel tubulars
  • Range of sizes 273 mm to 762 mm OD

  • Single or large scale developments

  • Drill Rods (NWY, IF, Regular, BR50)

  • Casing Advancement Systems

  • Site Investigation BS 879

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