John Lawrie Tubulars Update

John Lawrie Tubulars invests in new machinery which will save 150 tonnes of plastic waste per year

Following our prestigious Queens Award for Sustainable Enterprise John Lawrie Tubulars have been focused on finding a way to go even Greener.

In recent years, John Lawrie Tubulars UK has firmly integrated the principals continuous improvement in it’s operations. Starting with a significant investment in acquiring new machinery and developing a purpose built machine shop, this approach has helped secure the businesses future as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for construction and structural piling industry clients as well as perfectly positioning the business to offer services to the mining, water wells and minerals industries.

MD Iain Laing decided to apply this continual improvement principal to the business again, but this time with the focus on reducing waste products and improving efficiency. Iain Laing, Managing Director says,

Plastic Shredder John Lawrie Tubulars

“Sustainability has always been at the heart of our business and we believe this naturally goes hand in hand with continual improvement. John Lawrie Tubulars understands that sustainability isn’t a check box, it is a journey. Our bespoke Life-Cycle Analysis report demonstrates our commitment to keeping emissions low, but that is not the end. I am pleased to have added a new machine to our Montrose Yard. Our new plastic shredding machine which will streamline our operations, reduce emissions further and significantly reduce our waste”

What is a plastic shredding machine?

Plastic waste can be recycled through shredding, washing and subsequent generation of granulate to produce a recyclable material (for the recovery of materials or energetic utilisation).

Our robust shredder is ideal for the single-stage shredding of hard plastics which are bonded with iron or metals. This machine is able to sort the shredded material into plastics and metals as it shreds, meaning that we can successfully recycle both types of waste products.

Why do we need a plastic shredding machine?

Our suppliers are required by law to cap all repurposed pipes to prevent contamination. This is essential for environmental health and safety reasons, but unfortunately it can create tonnes of plastic waste. Our machine will dramatically reduce this waste, the caps will be shredded in house and the end product is 100% recyclable.

We predict that our new machine will save 150 tonnes of plastic waste per year, and further reduce our C02e emissions.