John Lawrie Tubulars Update

Our UK Manufacturing HQ has been recognised by the Made in Britain team

We’re pleased to announce that this year John Lawrie Tubulars have joined the Made in Britain ranks. This August our UK Manufacturing process was recognised by the dedicated team at Made in Britain and our application was granted! We are now able to use their trademark on all products that we manufacture in the UK. (That means ALL of the products we sell!)

Who are Made in Britain?

Made in Britain work collaboratively with UK trade bodies, relevant UK government departments, and the media channels to support skilled jobs, responsible business, and sustainable growth. Made in Britain work tirelessly all year round to promote British manufacturing.

John Lawrie Tubulars are Made in Britain Members

Why did we want to become Made in Britain Accredited?

Our built-for-purpose UK based manufacturing facility includes a machine shop to house seven semi-automatic CNC machines as well as a custom-built friction welder. We currently offer more in-house manufacturing capabilities than many of our competitors and we felt it was an important next step for our business to be recognised as a British Manufacturing business.

How does our business align with Made in Britain?

We are working hard to support our skilled workforce, support our local and wider community and ensure that our growth is both sustainable and responsible. John Lawrie Tubulars is working tirelessly to reduce waste and to continually improve our products and services. These are values that we believe align very well with the aims of the Made in Britain organisation.

Sustainability, the construction industry and our new Made in Britain Status

We repurpose surplus steel tubulars from the North Sea oil and gas industry as a high-quality alternative to new manufactured prime steel products in the construction piling industry. By extending the life of these materials through repurposing we are helping to minimise waste, pollution, the consumption of water and finite resources, which in turn helps improve sustainability, reduce environmental impact and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Our bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) details that for every tonne of our repurposed steel tubulars used there is a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saving of 97.21% over the production of newly manufactured prime steel products.

Sustainable products and management processes are at the core of our business. The construction industry are under ever-increasing pressure to improve sustainability practices to assist with the reduction in CO2 emissions in support of achieving net zero. Our aim is to assist the construction industry in reaching these targets, to provide construction firms with products fit for purpose, high quality and substantially lower in carbon emissions that purchasing new prime steel.

We hope through our Made in Britain accreditation we can reach new customers, potentially new industries and also help raise awareness of the importance of buying UK manufactured products.

Why Support British Manufacturing?

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that UK manufacturing significantly decreases the mileage a product must travel and in turn, the fuel required. Keeping all work on British soil dramatically lowers a business’s carbon footprint and reduces damage to the environment.

In addition to this, businesses can expect easier communication, quicker turnaround times, reliably good quality and continuous improvement of staff working conditions.

Not to mention it creates new job opportunities in local areas, with possibilities for providing tangible skills to future generations.