End Form

EndFormed Connection SystemTM – the next generation of driven pipe piling connection solutions

  • Endformed Pile Pipe

Endformed Pipe Pile Extensions for Top Driven Piling and Helical Pile

John Lawrie Tubulars introduces the next generation of connection solutions for extending top driven steel piles and helical piles for deep foundations. The new Endformed extensions have been developed through a rigorous Four-step design and testing approach using laboratory testing, structural engineering analysis and proprietary manufacturing processes. This EndFormed Extension is a more cost-effective connection technology compared to currently available technologies.

Endformed Helical Pile Benefits

John Lawrie Tubulars are currently the only UK suppliers of Endformed Helical Piles – our team manufacture these in-house using our custom built machinery.  Using Endformed Helical Piles on site is guaranteed to save you money and time. Why? We can be confident of this because with Endformed products there is no need for buying extra material for couplings and no additional welding costs. Plus, these products are greener and safer to use onsite! If you have any questions, our expert team can help.

At a glance

Made in Britain
  • Extends Top Driven Piling

  • Standard and High Capacity

  • Helical Pile Endformed Extensions

  • No additional coupler

  • No welding required

  • Endform is available for 140mm – 244mm od and up to 12 m lengths.

The Benefits of the Endformed Connection SystemTM

  • John Lawrie Tubulars EndFormed is the newest type of steel piling connection we offer to the UK market.
  • EndFormed is a more efficient connection and cost effective solution to connecting steel piling.
  • Hammer energy “locks” the joint in place
  • Excellent lateral and moment rigidity created by the secondary“telescoping” of the pile pipe inside the EndFormed extension.
  • Tension resistance is provided without welding – ask for details
  • Testing achieved tension resistance at 45%-50% of the compressive load applied
  • Safer worksite – this completely formed join, locates easily and reduces risks.
  • Endform is available for 140mm – 244mm od and up to 12 m lengths.
  • Patent granted in USA, patent pending Canada and UK
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