John Lawrie Tubulars Update

John Lawrie Tubulars Unveils New State of the Art Saw Line Facility

John Lawrie Tubulars has installed a bespoke new saw line production facility at its Montrose base for the processing of casing pipe.

The company has invested in excess of £500,000 in the new facility which includes two new saws and a completely automated production line. A brand new enclosure has also been constructed to house the saw line system which will mainly supply pipes for the piling construction industry.

‍The new saw line, which is based at John Lawrie Group’s site in Forties Road, began production in October 2015.

Iain Laing, director of John Lawrie Tubulars, who has been closely involved with the design process of the new saw line since late 2014, said: “John Lawrie Group is unique in the way it operates and we wanted a system which reflected that. I gave a list of requirements for the new facility to the manufacturers and we worked together over a period of months to produce a bespoke system which satisfies all our exact needs.”

Montrose Saw Line

Health and safety considerations were integral to the entire design process and, as a result, the new fully automated saw line eliminates the need for any manual handling. Increasing production rates was also a priority and therefore the new system is quicker and offers a much more efficient process for both John Lawrie Tubulars and its clients.

Iain added: “Included in the design is an automated measuring head which not only speeds up the whole process, but also allows us to achieve a more accurate cut of the pipe. The new saw line is undercover, very simple to operate and only requires the touch of a button for guaranteed precision cutting every time.

“John Lawrie Tubulars is one of the leading suppliers to the piling industry. We are proud to be investing in new equipment and systems which fully comply with our tight health and safety requirements and also provide a more efficient service to our customers.”

For many years, John Lawrie Tubulars has been a major purchaser of both new and used surplus steel pipe around the world and the company can provide orders for piling from an extensive stock. Pipe piling can be readily cut to specific client specifications and the new saw line in Montrose ensures that pipe taken onto the automated rollers can be measured and cut even more efficiently and accurately.

Piling projects vary from house foundations, quaysides and marine developments to transport and restricted access piling works. John Lawrie Tubulars provides casing and pipe for the vast majority of major civil engineering and piling contractors.