Life Cycle Analysis

What are the Benefits of a Life Cycle Analysis?


When you buy a product, what considerations guide your purchasing decision? We know that functionality, price and appearance play an important role for most people. Do you ever really consider how the product is produced or the manufacturing process? Or how it is delivered/transported to the consumer? When buying a product do you think about how it is used and how it becomes waste – waste – to be recycled, reused or sent to landfill.

This way of thinking is ingrained in our business model, and it’s called life cycle thinking.

Environmental life cycle thinking is concerned with the environmental impacts of products and services from cradle to grave. It describes the extraction of raw materials all the way through to the return of these materials to the Earth. This approach has formed the basis for development of the environmental management tool Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

What is a Life Cycle Analysis?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analytical tool for the systematic and quantitative evaluation of the environmental impacts of a product or service system through all stages of its life.

ISO 14040 defines LCA as:

“… a technique for assessing the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with a product, by

  • compiling an inventory of relevant inputs and outputs of a product system;
  • evaluating the potential environmental impacts associated with those inputs and outputs;
  • interpreting the results of the inventory analysis and impact assessment phases in relation to the objectives of the study.

LCA studies the environmental aspects and potential impacts throughout a product’s life (i.e. cradle-to-grave) from raw material acquisition through production, use and disposal. The general categories of environmental impacts needing consideration include resource use, human health, and ecological consequences.”

What did our LCA assessment investigate?

How does our Bespoke LCA benefit our Customers and Suppliers?

Business performance

Decreased costs: An LCA can provide feedback on areas of inefficiency, potentially leading to reductions in energy or materials used. Our one-stop shop process already saves our customers time and money, but knowing that we are a lean business who aims to keep costs low provides our customers with added value over our competition.

Benchmark: Having a base line of the impact of our products and services allows John Lawrie Tubulars to demonstrate real, measurable and tangible progress which means something for our customers.

Internal cohesion: Our LCA ensures the different departments within our business have a better understanding of company-wide priorities and we can share goals and process information which helps us achieve success.

Supply chain knowledge

Risk management: Our bespoke LCA helps us find the risks and reduce expensive incidents within the supply chain, which means a smoother and even more reliable service for our customers.

Supply Decisions: By taking an honest look at supply chains, we can have open discussions about supply decisions made and the reasoning behind them. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that any pipe provided to our business is handled efficiently and responsibly. Pipe can be certified, and our suppliers benefit from knowing how much Co2 savings they have contributed to.

Future changes: By modelling our product lifecycle, testing can provide information on the impacts of future product development – and we can work to improve and add to our product range in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our customers get peace of mind using John Lawrie Tubulars products and our LCA report proves that we are genuinely sustainable.

External benefits

Regulatory preparedness: Our LCA provides companies with estimations on the impacts of future regulations and what these regulations might cost them, this means that our customers can rest assured that we are always looking to the future.

Brand reputation: We believe that our LCA provides evidence of our corporate responsibility and provides proof for our stakeholders that John Lawrie Tubulars are committed to sustainability.

Credibility: You might not know this but the LCA is an internationally accepted standard which provides evidence that a product has undergone an independent analysis to verify its sustainability, if other businesses are claiming they save CO2e – we would encourage you to check their credibility, do they have a bespoke LCA or are they making false claims?

Our LCA allows us to confidently say:

Repurposed Steel Tubulars.
100% of the Quality <3% of the impact.

We are committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions and have undertaken a completely bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) based on our own unique steel tubular management processes.