John Lawrie Tubulars Update

Highlight on Houston – A Guide To John Lawrie Group’s Tubular Operations In The USA By Vic SInclair, Group CEO

The John Lawrie Group has been purchasing and supplying high-quality new and used pipe and casing to the USA, UK and European piling and micro-piling markets for 25 years, making it one of the industry’s largest suppliers.

From the company’s US headquarters in Houston, Texas, John Lawrie Tubulars (John Lawrie Inc.) has been continually serving its customers with a wide range of steel pipe and OCTG products and services as well as storage and transportation, in order to meet every client’s demands.

As one of the largest buyers of casing, tubing and linepipe globally, John Lawrie Tubulars remains a customer-focussed company with every job given close attention to detail.

Vic Sinclair

Q: When was John Lawrie Inc. established?

John Lawrie Inc. was incorporated in 2004 to supply drillpipe to the oil and gas industry. In actual fact, the John Lawrie Group has had a presence in Houston since the mid-1990s when the company first acquired an oilfield tubular business. Back then, we principally purchased used pipe to export to Europe for use in the construction industry. Today, we are the largest USA exporter of used drill pipe to Europe.

Q: Do you have any other strategic locations in the USA?

John Lawrie has storage facilities in the north east of the United States from where we supply piling pipe to the construction industry.

Q: Which industries/sectors does the Houston facility supply?

John Lawrie Inc. supplies drillpipe and casing to the Oil & Gas sector, in The US and Canada, also to Mexico and South America, and as far afield as West Africa and Asia. John Lawrie Inc, also supplies piling pipe to the construction industry across the United States.

Q: Tell us more about the Houston site and its daily operations?

Our Houston base occupies a twenty-five-acre space on the east-side of the city which was developed from a brownfield site in 2010. We chose this strategic location due to its close proximity to the port of Houston and the shipping channel which makes it very convenient and economic for receiving ocean vessel shipments.

Our fully-integrated site is equipped to provide our clients with a wide choice of services. Our purpose-built yard buildings include bespoke premises for the inspection, coating and cutting of pipe as well as bevelling; welding end plates and threaded micropile; and pipe cleaning. We also have a modern office building and facilities for both our staff and customers.

In Houston, and indeed at all our company bases globally, we seek to exceed our customers’ quality expectations via thoroughness, attention to detail and rigorous checks.

Q: With regard to the inventory in Houston, how much stock do you hold on an average daily basis?

The Houston facility has around 60,000 metric tonnes in inventory at any one time. We have around 2.5 million feet of foundation pipe, 1.5 million feet of drillpipe and approximately 300,000 feet of OCTG Up to 5000 tonnes can arrive and depart every month.

Q: How does the Houston facility link up with your UK-based facilities?

The UK and US operations work closely together in sourcing piling pipe to ensure we can offer a full range of inventory and meet our customers’ demands whether it be for the UK, European or North American markets.

Q: How has the USA business grown in the years you’ve been operating in Houston?

What predominantly started off as a supply company for the oil and gas sector, and also an exporter of pipe to the European construction industry, has now developed into a major supplier of piling pipe to US construction companies. We definitely forecast a need for more locations in the US, and an enhanced service offering, in order to continually improve upon the product delivery to our customers. It also goes without saying that our continued goal is to update and maintain our current operations to the latest industry standards.

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Vic Sinclair is the Chief Executive Officer of John Lawrie Group and has worked for the company for more than thirty years. Vic oversees the corporate direction and strategy for John Lawrie Group, and is responsible for the global operations of the company’s three main divisions: decommissioning, tubulars and metals. After becoming Managing Director of the group’s global tubular division in 2002, Vic helped turn John Lawrie Inc. into one of the leading suppliers of tubulars to the drilling and construction industries in the UK and USA. During his fourteen years in the role, Vic cultivated exceptional relationships with suppliers and clients, borne out of an unmatched commitment to quality and service.

In May 2016, Vic became CEO of the John Lawrie Group.