Slotted Pipe

Slotted Pipe for Waterwell Drilling & Gas Extraction

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Slotted Pipe for Waterwells

Slotted pipe for gas extraction or waterwell drilling

Slotted pipes are used in two ways, one is in water wells, they are installed into water tables to allow water to pass into the tube bore through the slots, but the slots also act as a barrier and sift out larger debris so the borehole doesn’t get clogged. The second use for these slotted pipes is to extract the buildup of gases in landfill sites whilst keeping out any stones and debris to prevent blockage.

At a glance

Made in Britain
  • Large stock of fully certified and/or repurposed steel tubulars
  • Range of sizes 273 mm to 762 mm OD
  • Coded Welders
  • BS EN 1090 & RISQIS accredited
  • Surface protection (painting/galvanising)
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