Rotary Percussive

Rotary Percussive for the world’s leading geotechnical contractors

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Rotary Percussive

Used in the toughest site conditions

Our rotary percussive systems are used in some of the toughest site conditions by some the world’s leading geotechnical contractors.

Casing crowns faced with buttons or plate tungsten carbide are available for each size of rod, blank pin threaded shoes can be supplied for each size of rod for coating with TC granular hard facing finish.

Outside Diameter (mm) Nipple Bore (mm) Thread Type Joints
73 48 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled/Friction Welded
76 50 Conical Coupled/Friction Welded
89 64 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled/Friction Welded
102 72 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled/Friction Welded
114 88 Cylindrical/Conical Coupled/Friction Welded
133 108 Cylindrical Coupled/Friction Welded
152 127 Conical Coupled/Friction Welded
178 146 Conical Coupled
194 159 Conical Coupled

At a glance

Made in Britain
  • 1000 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • 2000 mm
  • 2500 mm
  • 3000 mm

Other specifications can be produced to suit specific requirements. Speak to our sales team to find out more.

Rotary Percussive for Geotechnical
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