Reverse Circulation

RC Drilling Systems are produced to operate with DTH hammers


Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling Systems are detailed below

At a glance

Made in Britain
  • Lower Side Inlet Swivel

  • Saver Substitute

  • Drill Rod

  • Cross-Over Substitute

  • Reverse Circulation DTH Hammer

  • Skirted Rock Bit Assembly

Lower Side Inlet Swivel

Located below power swivel, allows air circulation to drill rod whilst allowing return cuttings to pass through swivel to upper swivel and return hose.

Saver Substitute

Reduces wear on side inlet swivel threading, inner cross-over also provided with substitute.

Drill Rod

Double tube drill rod provided with inner tube and friction welded and nitrided tool joints. Screwing rods together automatically seals the inner tube without the need to provide further connection parts.

Cross-Over Substitute

Allows any standard hammer to be used, the transfer of cuttings to the inner return tube taking place through the cross-over substitute, screwed to standard DTH hammer

Reverse Circulation DTH Hammer

It is necessary to have a cross-over substitute connecting RC drill rods to back connection on hammer. All RC DTH hammers can be accommodated to this system.

Skirted Rock Bit Assembly

Assembly can be connected directly to RC drill rod. Operating as a standard rock bit, the assembly returns the cuttings through the centre of drill rods.

Outside Dia. (mm)
(Outer Rod)
Inside Dia. (mm)
(Inner Rod)
Thread Type
88.9 38.1 Metzke/Remet
101.6 38.1 Metzke/Remet
114.3 50.8 Metzke/Remet
Reverse Circulation
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