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John Lawrie Tubulars manufacture friction welded steel drill rods in-house using our own friction welder.

We have the capacity to friction weld up to 152.4 mm diameter (maximum wall thickness of 19.1 mm) and up to 9.5 m long.

We also manufacture tool joints in house using our own CNC lathes.

All our threads are machined and inspected using fully certified and calibrated API thread gauges.

Our steel rods are made for Down the Hole drilling (hammer), rotary applications (waterwell drilling / mineral exploration and ground engineering) and quarry drilling – all made from high tensile and yield materials to produce a robust, long lasting product. We then nitride harden our tool joints to give even greater wear protection to prolong the effective working life of the steel drill rod.

Some examples of our product range is shown in the specification sheets above but our range is not limited to these, get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

We also manufacture shrink and welded style drill rods up to 406 mm diameter using the same material properties. All welds can be NDT tested upon request.

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