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The most valuable one-stop, fully in-house service provider in the UK

John Lawrie Tubulars, one of the largest suppliers of steel tubular products in the UK and across Europe, manufactures a range of equipment in-house to support various aspects of the construction and structural sectors.

We have further outlined our commitment to supporting these industries by investing in a number of new assets and yard facilities, making us the most valuable one-stop, fully in-house service provider in the UK. These facilities also mean we are perfectly positioned to offer services to new clients in the mining, water wells and minerals industries

What Geotechnical products can we supply?

Rotary Percussive

Rotary Percussive

We manufacture a range of rotary percussive casing in both coupled (available up to 178 mm) and friction welded styles (available up to 152.4 mm).

Flush-Jointed & Coupled Casing

BS 879

We manufacture strong steel flush-jointed casing for use in conjunction with shell and auger tools threaded to BS 879 (water well casing). Up to 16” dia can be supplied in lengths up to 12 mtr and above this diameter up to 3 mtr effective.


BS 4019

We manufacture core drilling equipment casing in W series thread styles from AW ( 57 mm ) up to ZW ( 219 mm ) – lengths can be supplied up to 12 mtr if required.

Micropile Casing

Micropile /Piling casing

Our vast range of micropile stock ranges in size from 60.3mm to 406mm diameter x 12 mtr effective -along with various types of cut or threading.

Large Diameter Pile Casing

Large Piling Casing

We supply steel tubular piling casing from sizes 406 mm up to 914 mm dia x 3 mtr effective length.

Casing Advancement Systems

Casing Advancement Systems

We supply a range of casing to suit various casing advancing systems (Overburden Drilling Systems) that are available in the market today. It is recommended that any new system be checked to ensure correct casing sizes are requested.

Drill Rods

Friction Welded Drill Rods

We manufacture our own drill rods in-house using CNC lathes and our own custom built friction welding machine. We have the capacity to friction weld up to 152.4 mm diameter (maximum wall thickness of 19.1 mm) and up to 9.5 metres long.

We also manufacture shrink and welded style drill rods up to 406 mm diameter using the same material properties, and all welds can be NDT tested if so requested.


We manufacture a range of equipment to support the various aspects of ground investigation and foundation engineering including:

BS 4019 Casing – designed to use with core barrels for geotechnical drilling – W series casing flush jointed is the most used casing for this requirement.

Geo-Foundation (Piling casing) – Using the knowledge gained from geotechnical engineering (rock and soil mechanics, geology and structural engineering) – the design and construction of foundation for structures and buildings can be calculated. JLT produces a range of casing to support this, from 3 start rope thread style casing and micro-pile taper threaded style casing (Pin piles) more used in Europe and the USA.

Casing Advancing Systems – Threaded or welded type casing used to case the borehole while using a hammer that advances the casing whilst drilling. There are a number of manufacturers of such systems and JLT produce casing to suit.

Site Investigation Casing – (Threaded to BS 879 waterwell specification) is used in Shell and Auger style drilling and is carried out to ascertain ground conditions and enables sampling of soils for calculations. This type of casing is also known as waterwell casing and is used to line a borehole.

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