John Lawrie Tubulars Update

John Lawrie Tubulars are attending and sponsoring the Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use this May.

It is no secret that the Construction and Deep Foundation Industries are contributing significantly to CO2 emissions. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important every day; organisations all have a role to play to reducing carbon emissions.

Decarbonization is the one option: there is call for more efficient design which either reduces the volumes of concrete or steel used, or utilising and sourcing alternative materials which have a lower carbon footprint.

Raising awareness that this is not the only option, is important for these industries.

The reuse of existing foundations must be considered and often it is the most sustainable option. The reuse and repurposing of high-grade steel for piling/deep foundations is the core of our business and just one of the reasons we are attending and sponsoring the Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use this May. The 3-day conference (28th – 30th May) brings together experts from the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI Europe) and the Geotechnical Section of the KIVI Engineering Society among others to discuss these burning topics in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The focus of the conference is to share recent (real life) experiences and good practices to raise awareness and the level of the industry in this challenging topic. John Lawrie Tubulars is thrilled to be attending and sponsoring this event and is looking forward to hearing from the interesting highly qualified speakers, connecting with other organisations and inspiring each other to do business better.