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Landfill Drilling, UK

Landfill Drilling UK

Supply of repurposed steel casing for Land Drilling on landfill sites for gas and leachate extraction

Using John Lawrie Tubulars’ repurposed tubular products and bespoke procedures saved this project 103.91t CO2e. That’s a 97.21% saving over the production of new prime steel products.

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Project Summary

Land drilling services drill boreholes on landfill sites for gas and leachate extraction throughout the UK. During drilling operations they use steel casing to stop the ground collapsing.

Land drilling services commissioned John Lawrie Tubulars to provide 244mm and 406mm steel casing for use on their extractions sites all over the UK. 244mm steel casing is used on permanent installations to hold the ground open in order to install their pipework. 406 mm steel casing is used to keep the hole open as they drill.

Both types of steel casing are crucial to their drilling operations. The casing allows them to complete projects quickly and efficiently, essential when drilling in unstable ground.

Sustainability is at the forefront of their business. The sustainable products supplied by John Lawrie Tubulars greatly assists not only their drilling operations, but helps reduce their carbon impact too.

Client Dragon Drilling UK
Location Nationwide, UK
Project Supply of steel tubulars for drilling and gas extraction
Casing Pipe 600m of pipe supplied (244mm and 406mm steel casing)
C02e Saving 103.91t of CO2e.

Comments from our clients

An excellent supplier who we have been trading with since 2015.

John Lawrie always provide clear communication around lead and delivery times which makes drilling operations much easier to plan and organise.

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