Van Elle

Brent Crossing

Brent Crossing

SUPPLY OF STEEL CASING FOR the foundations of the slow line platform at Brent Cross West Station

Using John Lawrie Tubulars’ repurposed tubular products and bespoke procedures saved this project 605.64tCO2e. (That’s a 97.21% saving over using new prime steel products).

Project Summary

For this project John Lawrie Tubulars supplied 1,843 meters of 457and 339mm pipe to be used as piling for the foundations of the slow line platform at Brent Cross West Station.

The project will see our client,Van Elle, install a total of 193 CHS piles using two Colmar T10,000FSC RRV machines; one with a vibratory attachment (Movax) and one with an impact hammer (BSP) to drive to design level.

To date John Lawrie Tubulars has supplied over 2 million tonnes of steel tubulars for use as piling which has minimised waste, helped to save around 4,320,000 tonnes of CO2e and helped establish a more robust economy. Repurposing used oil and gas tubulars as piling is an economical as well as environmentally friendly option for construction projects from residential construction to large-scale infrastructure projects, and we are proud to be demonstrating innovative thinking in support of the drive towards a circular economy.


Client Van Elle
Location London, UK
Project Supply of steel tubulars for steel piling
Casing Pipe 457mm and 339mm
C02 Saving 605.64 tCO2e

Brent Cross West Thames link Station, due to open in 2023, will be the first major new mainline station in London in over a decade. It will be positioned on the Midland Mainline between existing Hendon and Cricklewood stations enabling through journeys from Luton to Brighton.

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