Northern Piling Ltd

Piling for New Blocks of Flats at Abbey Lane, Edinburgh

Piling for Abbey Lane Edinburgh

Over 550 STEel Tubular piles for 3 new blocks of flats constructed in Abbey Lane, Edinburgh.

Using John Lawrie Tubulars’ repurposed tubular products and bespoke procedures saved this project 1132.24t CO2e. That’s a 97.21% saving over the production of new prime steel products.

Project Summary

John Lawrie Tubulars, was pleased to be able to supply approximately 550 steel tubulars (9-5/8 od) to our valued clients Northern Piling Ltd. The repurposed steel tubulars were used as steel piling for three blocks of flats located in Abbey Lane, Edinburgh.

Our large inventory of stock meant that our clients were able to place this sizable order (523.46 tonnes) and were able to call off material for site with a only days’ notice. This helped them to make the best use of their space on site. They confirmed that “deliveries were always made on time and this allowed us to plan each shift around the arrival of piles on site” Northern Piling Ltd. They went on to add that the Abbey Lane site was a challenge not only because the space was tight, but also it was in close proximity to a live railway line.

We are happy to have helped Northern Piling Ltd and their clients Graham Construction to work towards their Net Zero Goals.

For this project, a reduction of 1132.24t CO2e was achieved through the use of John Lawrie Tubulars’ repurposed steel pipe.

Client Northern Piling Ltd
Location Abbey Lane, Edinburgh
Project Supply of steel tubulars for steel piling
Casing Pipe 6665.41 mtrs 9-5/8 od
C02 Saving 1132.24t CO2e
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