John Lawrie Tubulars Update

John Lawrie Tubulars join the British Drilling Association

John Lawrie Tubulars is delighted to be one of the newest members of the BritishDrilling Association (BDA). As an integral part of the drilling sector, John Lawrie Tubulars welcomes the opportunity for the BDA to continue expanding and introducing new members.

Chairman of the British Drilling Association, Richard Fielden, was just as enthusiastic to welcome the latest members into the fold where John Lawrie – as well as the other newest members – will each bring their own “unique skills, insight and expertise to the association”.

British Drilling Association Members

“The more members the BDA has, the better able it is to meet the needs of the drilling sector, as well as giving a growing mandate to the association to lobby and represent the sector at all industry levels,” he noted.

“The BDA is working hard to drive up standards and the levels of professionalism within the drilling sector, against a backdrop of always having health and safety first. The input and real-world experiences of these new members will be invaluable in helping achieve all the association’s aims.”

Iain Laing, MD of John Lawrie Tubulars, commented: “The work the BDA is doing to raise the profile, importance and health and safety of the drilling industry is fundamental to keeping the industry moving forward. We are delighted to have been accepted as a member and look forward to working with the BDA and it’s other members going forward.”