John Lawrie Tubulars Update

John Lawrie Tubulars become Parton Members of The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

With sustainable products and management processes at the core of our business, and with the ever-increasing pressure on the construction industry to improve sustainability practices to assist with the reduction in CO2 emissions in support of achieving net zero, there was an obvious synergy between our organisations.

Patron Members of ASPB

With a membership of well over 100 progressive organisations such as world-renowned research institutions, trade bodies, architectural practices, contractors and product manufacturers, the ASBP’s mission is “To lead the transformation to a healthy low carbon built environment by championing the understanding and use of demonstrably sustainable building products.” In turn, our key focus on helping to build a more circular economy supports the ASBP and its members in achieving such an aim.

We repurpose redundant steel tubulars from the North Sea oil and gas industry as a high-quality alternative to new manufactured prime steel products in the construction piling industry. By extending the life of these materials through repurposing we are helping to minimise waste, pollution, the consumption of water and finite resources, which in turn helps improve sustainability, reduce environmental impact and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Following our commission of a completely bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) based on our own unique steel tubular management processes, we can formally detail that for every tonne of our repurposed steel tubulars used there is a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) saving of 97.21% over the production of newly manufactured prime steel products.

To find out more about the ASBP, you can find their website here.