John Lawrie Tubulars

A leading specialist in the supply of new and repurposed steel tubulars.

We have invested significantly to ensure we become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our construction and structural piling industry clients. We are also now perfectly positioned to offer services to the mining, water wells and minerals industries.

With a keen focus on the circular economy, we purchase steel tubulars from the oil and gas industry and repurpose them as a high-quality alternative to new manufactured prime steel products in the construction piling industry.

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What we do

Specialised Steel Tubular Services for the Construction Industry

Piling Products

Piling Products

Our specialist facilities supply steel piling products of the highest quality, custom fabrication options are available.

Geotechnical Products

Geotechnical Products

We manufacture a range of equipment in-house to support various aspects of the construction and structural sectors.

Services and Bespoke Fabrication

Fabrication Services

We also offer a wide range of fabrication services across industrial/commercial, housing, infrastructure and rail sectors.

Our Core Business

We Purchase Surplus Steel Tubulars & Supply them to the Construction Industry

With our extensive international experience in purchasing and supplying new and reconditioned steel tubulars, our structure provides our clients and suppliers with the necessary technical and logistical support, as well as the environmental benefits of using repurposed steel products.

Vast Inventory

An extensive range of steel tubulars for structural and construction piling uses.

Piling Applications

A wide range of tubing and casing for piling applications.

Extensive Products & Services

From cutting, cleaning and fabrication welding to drill rod manufacturing and more.

Third Party Inspection

 Third party inspection of all material as appropriate.

Purchasing your pipe

As a major purchaser of surplus steel pipe packages, we have developed an enviable reputation for quick decision making, prompt payment and a swift and efficient collection service on a worldwide basis.

Working with most of the world’s major oil and gas operators and related service companies, our clients have come to recognise us as one of the leading purchasers of all types of steel tubulars.

Repurposed Steel Tubulars.
100% of the Quality <3% of the impact.

We are committed to supporting the reduction of carbon emissions and have undertaken a completely bespoke life cycle assessment (LCA) based on our own unique steel tubular management processes.

For the P&J Live Arena using John Lawrie Tubulars steel rather prime steel (materials only) saved 4,165.7tonnes CO2e.

This is equivalent to saving:

UK citizens annual carbon footprint
miles in a Ford Focus
years streaming Netflix 24hrs p/day
John Lawrie Tubulars’ Complete Onshore Pipe Management

Customer Feedback…

An excellent supplier who we have been trading with since 2015. John Lawrie always provide clear communication around lead and delivery times which makes drilling operations much easier to plan and organise.

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